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Ernie plays solo acoustic guitar with a passion and joy that is evident when she performs. Her voice is the guitar and it has been a huge part of her healing process. It is the one place she is able to express her innermost self.

The Journey 

Ernestine & her Guitar have been together for 27+ years. They have shared life’s joys and sorrows, and everything in between! This has created a symbiotic relationship between them, an almost soulmate relationship. When Ernestine plays their energies merge and something new, powerful and beautiful emerges. 


Ernestine’s ability to synchronize the flow of energy from her soul, and her heart, and engage fully with the universal flow of energies around her, and then translate what comes forward into music is her greatest gift and it creates magic! When Ernestine opens herself up to this divine flow, she and her guitar create musical landscapes that alchemically assist others to raise their vibration and sense of self. When Ernestine goes live, she has no idea where the music will take her or who it is for, but time and time again she has found her listeners feel better, calmer and more in tune with themselves. In June 2021 she began playing with a Looper and quickly recognized how this added another dimension to her music, allowing her to go even deeper in receiving new levels of energetic flow. 

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Ernestine has recordings of songs and longer form albums available for Healing, Relaxation and Beauty for all to enjoy. When she is inspired to do a live session, what emerges it is a uniquely channelled composition that calls to be expressed into the world, created in the moment for whoever is listening (or hears a recording later). Her deep love of spirit and connecting to people through music fills her life with joy and peace. Ernestine welcomes all to relax and allow the “Soulful” music to take you on a beautiful journey!

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