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A dedication to my dad

On this page, I am Honouring & paying Tribute to my dad, Ivan Day.  

I Thank him for gifting me with this gift & ability of Music. As his mother Hilda (Adams) Day gifted him, which she was gifted from her father Caseley Adams from Seaview PEI. 


Growing up 

Let me share my story

I was born and raised on a farm in the farming community called Norboro, just outside of Kensington, Prince Edward Island (PEI).  

My Dad played Guitar, Fiddle & Piano. He was a very gifted musician.  

There were always music parties every weekend at our home or someone else’s. With lots of traditional Scottish and Irish fiddle music.  
I would watch my dad & others would put their fingers on the guitar. That is how I learned.  

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At the farmhouse we have 2 sets of stairs, one set is the golden stairs which were the main stairs, at the top of the stairs, the door to the right was to my parent’s bedroom, to the left was bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The 2nd set of stairs we called them the green stairs, which was directly to my parents' Bedroom.  

When no one was home, I would take my dad’s guitar out of the case from his bedroom, sat at the bottom of the green stairs which looked out the long farm driveway. When I saw my parents come home, I would run back upstairs and put my dad’s Guitar way, so no one knew. I did this as often as I could. When I said I am a self-taught Guitar player, this is how I learned. I got to the point where I could play with records. I played a lot of Doris Day songs.  

A few years before my dad crossed, we were chatting. In one of those conversations, I spoke of this. He then shared with me about how he and Mom came home one day, and they heard me playing. They listened for quite a while to me playing. He said to my Mom Listen to her, just listen to her. I could feel his Pride in his Heart and Soul as he shared this. Then they went back outside and made some serious noise, which caused me to run back up the green stairs and put his guitar back in the case. When dad told me this, I remembered that very moment. Having this beautiful story has touched my Heart & Soul DEEPLY. With this I am able to share this with you all.  

I Thank You Dad for gifting me with the genetic gift of music. I know I am the 4th generation on the Adams side, which is my dad’s mother's side. I know that goes back even further on the Adams side. 


Your Daughter Ernestine Day

“The Soulful Guitarist” 

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